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About the Office of Traffic Safety (O.T.S.)
The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, a Division of the Department of Public Safety (DPS), is the federally recognized highway safety office in the state of Nevada. The Director of DPS serves as the Governor's Highway Safety Representative.

Nevada highways will be noted as among the safest in the Nation when comparing its fatalities and injuries per vehicular miles driven with all other states.

Prepare and administer an annual comprehensive Highway Safety Plan that will reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes on Nevada public roadways. The plan will support and/or implement innovative traffic safety projects at both the state and local level. The focus will be on reducing the contributing factors associated with traffic crashes through selective enforcement countermeasures developed from extensive problem identification, close cooperation with highway safety engineers, and well-planned public awareness and education programs aimed at all roadway users.

The Office of Traffic Safety shall be composed of a dedicated, enthusiastic team striving to achieve its stated mission, goals and objectives. We will promote safe roadway use by everyone regardless of their age, race, sex, and ethnic origin by using creative ideas from both the public and private sectors; adhere to the highest standards set for program implementation by state and federal regulations; provide assistance to communities in qualifying for traffic safety funding regardless of size or economic base; and perform our services in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Functional Goals

  1. To encourage the implementation of innovative traffic safety projects at the state and local level that improve motorist awareness, roadway environment, data collection systems, enforcement, and emergency response aimed at reducing the number and severity of traffic crashes on public highways.

  2. To administer a statewide bicycle and pedestrian education program to promote safe bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle interaction on public traffic ways.

  3. To administer a comprehensive motorcycle safety education and training program including selection and enhancement of motorcycle training sites, conducting instructor development workshops aimed toward reducing injuries and fatalities while increasing awareness of motorcycles by other road users.

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Office of Traffic Safety
Department of Public Safety
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Office of Traffic Safety

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